Doctor Dan Constantin psychiatry cabinet from the Medical Center Englober

Portfolio Razvan Szakacs – graphic designer

Psychiatry Cabinet. Doctor Dan Constantin from the Medical Center Englober Srl, Brasov, Romania. Our cabinet was founded in December 2015. Is one of the most modern psychiatric clinics in Romania.

The medical cabinet is located in the historical center of Brasov, on Mijloc Street 61. Offers accessibility to both those who use the means of public transport. And those who use private car transport. The cabinet provides its patients with a modern and discreet space.

The cabinet is certified and equipped according to the legislation in force and provides additional equipment of the latest generation PowerMag100 Clinical, produced in Germany by Mag & More and registered with the Ministry of Health with Notification No 266 / 23.02.2016 which allows numerous protocols treatment by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Repetitive for various psychiatric and neurological disorders.

The equipment is operated by transcranial magnetic stimulation staff at the Mag & More Gmbh Academy, Munich, Germany.

We offer treatment programs tailored to each patient in a safe and confidential environment. This is supported by the fact that we respect the integrity of our patients and we are aware of the uniqueness of the challenges they face. Our plans of care are practical, based on national and international clinical guides, specialized clinical trials and are designed to enable recovery, rehabilitation prevention and self-care. We are goal-oriented. We protecting the rights and dignity of all patients.